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my book

Save the Sea

from the Trash Monster!

($24.99 / $19.99)

All profits go to Oceana.


Thanks for supporting them

and helping me save the sea

with art.

Adult sizes Small and Medium SOLD OUT - SORRY!

hot plate

Bowl of Lemons


“I am NOT a Trash Monster!”

T-shirt, reusable water bottle, bumper sticker, buttons

This hot plate has my bowl of lemons on it. My aunt says it’s perfect for kitchens and my Grammy says it is a good decoration or a gift to give to someone when they invite you over for dinner or a party. It doesn’t come with the ducks - those are Marcy’s. But you can see what it looks like here.

It is 6” x 6” and is made out of hardboard acrylic tile with black beveled edges. I hope you like it.

Here are some of my favorite drawings, watercolors, and acrylic paintings from this year. I picked eight different ones I thought you might like: Compass, Amelia, Lucy, Sinatra, The Acoma Pueblo, Magnolias, and Anakin.  They are 5” x 7” and printed on really nice smooth paper. They are blank inside and each one comes with an envelope.  There are also a few left of last year’s set. If you want to see those and my other designs, click here:  MORE Art Notecards

My book tells the story of the Trash Monster taking over the ocean and all the sea creatures fighting against him so they can save their ocean home. It has lots of colorful pictures from my claymation movie in it, and at the end gives some interesting ocean facts and tells what we can all do to help save our seas. 

It won A&I Books Book of the month last year and was in Time Magazine for Kids. Some schools use it in their classrooms, too. That is very nice.

These T-shirts are printed on thick white cotton.

Are you a Trash Monster?

I didn’t think so....

These reusable water bottles are awesome. Just fill them up with filtered water at home and take them everywhere. They’ll also help other people get the message that it’s better to reuse than throw away disposable plastic, which never ever biodegrades.

They are 18 oz and made out of stainless steel by Bulletin Bottle!


($19.99 / $12.99)

water bottle


almost sold out!
only a few left!

bumper sticker

($4.99 / $ 2.99)


You are NOT a Trash Monster!

You can put this bumper sticker on your car, your binder, computer cover.

Maybe other people will see it and think about what it means, too.

mini buttons

($2.99 / $ 1.99)


I made three different mini buttons:

One says “I am NOT of Trash Monster!” of course.

One is the Happy Ocean from the front cover of my book.

The other is of Whale, from “Save the Sea from the Trash Monster!”

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2013 art notecards

Set of 8 Drawings